Yo!Fit Nutrition & Exercise Plan - Day 3


1 pint of half boiling water half cold water with squeeze of lemon

1 boiled or poached egg, ½ avocado, veg (spinach, mushroom, tomato)

Tea/herbal tea/Coffee




Sipping 500ml water throughout morning

2 pieces of fruit

250ml of water

Laragh’s Favourite Lunch:

1 avocado, 4 cherry tomoatoes, all covered with a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper on corn cakes or 2 small slices of good quality spelt or rye bread.








Exercise for your body

Exercise for your mind

Sipping 500ml water throughout afternoon

2 corn cakes with Tahini (pulped sesame seed paste  available in health sections in supermarkets)

250ml of water

Laragh’s favourite dinner:

Red lentil dahl with butternut squash and spinach served with organic short grain brown rice.

Herbal tea and 1 oatcake with honey

Fast hilly walk/run/cycle/swim/play sport 30-40 minutes


10 minute guided relaxation