Get strong, fit and flexible for the summer!

Do you want to be strong, fit and flexible this summer? If so, join us for an exciting new Yo!Fit 7 week summer course. We will be targeting the usual full body but with more focus on strengthening the upper body and core through high intensity intervals (for fitness) with light weights (for strength) and yoga postures (for flexibility). If you are feeling stuck in your usual workouts targeting the usual bum and thigh areas you will find inspiration and motivation in our new course. You will never be bored with our Yo!Fit exercise sequences and you will notice a change in your body and mental outlook within a few weeks of practicing with us. 

Good Life Project - 8 steps to a more fulfilled you

Yo!Fit, the Yoga Shala and Sarah Thornton Personal Training launches a new 21 day lifestyle challenge to support you and your well-being right up until Christmas Day. The challenge starts this Monday 5th December with an introduction and explanation of our 8 easy daily tasks starting tomorrow December 1st. Like our Yo!Fit facebook page to receive our daily tips. 

Yo!Fit YouTube Channel

We are now on YouTube with our very own YouTube Channel. Check out the latest videos of our engergising Yo!Fit Sun Salutes, challenging HIIT and strength exercises and the wonderfully relaxing Yo!Fit Moon Salute. Now you have no excuse for not practising at home! Search Yo!Fit Ireland. Enjoy! Know a stronger self.