Yo!Fit Nutrition & Exercise Plan - Day 1

We have developed this food and exercise plan to give you an idea of healthy meal options and a way to structure your nutrition and eating patterns. Please swap days and meals around the week as you need and adjust options to suit your taste, preferences, allergies etc.


1 pint of half boiling water half cold water with squeeze of lemon

Laragh’s favourite breakfast:

Porridge: mix 50g of jumbo and regular porridge oats, cook with water only, add cardimon pods cinnamon, fresh ginger, raisins and dessicated coconut while cooking. When serving put whole 6 almonds on top and sometimes cocoa nibs

Tea/herbal tea/Coffee





Sipping 500ml water throughout morning

2 pieces of fruit

Add 2 oatcakes and 1tsp of nut butter if your breakfast was very early.

250ml of water

Large mixed salad (be colourful)

2 slices of good quality turkey

1tbsp of hummus

1tbsp of toasted pumpkin, sunflower  and sesame seed mix (dry toast on a frying pan)

2 tbsp of vinegarette dressing

3 corn cakes






Exercise for your body


Exercise for your mind

Sipping 500ml water throughout afternoon

1 small natural yogurt with 1 piece of fruit

250ml of water

Fish and brown rice (1 small cup of cooked rice) and steamed veg (lots!)

Herbal tea and 1 homemade protein ball

Yo!Fit class 9:30am or customise your own class on our YouTube channel Yo!Fit Ireland



3 minute focusing on breath or body relaxation scan (can be done anywhere, use timer on your phone)