Yo!Fit Nutrition & Exercise Plan - Day 2


1 pint of half boiling water half cold water with squeeze of lemon

50g of homemade granola or low sugar granola with 1 tbsp of natural yogurt

Tea/herbal tea/Coffee





Sipping 500ml water throughout morning

1 piece of fruit

 2 corn cakes with half an avocado

250ml of water

Homemade soup (or as close to it as possible – read labels on soup containers and avoid ones with lots of butter and cream and added sugar)

2 small slices of good quality spelt bread







Exercise for your body

Exercise for your mind

Sipping 500ml water throughout afternoon

2 tbsp hummus with veg crudités

250ml of water

Homemade Ratatouille (large portion) with brown pasta (1 small cup), grated cheese on top (sprinkling)

Herbal tea and 2 squares of dark chocolate 65% plus


Yo!Fit class 8:15pm or customise your own class on our YouTube channel Yo!Fit Ireland


3 minute focusing on breath or body relaxation scan