Yo!Fit Nutrition & Exercise Plan - Day 5


1 pint of half boiling water half cold water with squeeze of lemon

2 boiled, poached or scrambled eggs

3 ryvita

Tea/herbal tea/Coffee





Sipping 500ml water throughout morning

50g berries

1tbsp of natural yogurt

250ml of water

Sarah’s favourite lunch:

Large mixed salad

1 portion of smoked mackerel/salmon

1tbsp of humus,

Mixed sprouts,

1 tsp of toasted mixed seeds, 2 tblsp of vinegarette dressing

3 ryvita – mixed seed variety









Exercise for your body

Exercise for your mind

Sipping 500ml water throughout afternoon

2 oatcakes with peanut butter

250ml of water

Sarah's Favourite Dinner - Fish and Chips:

Baked salmon - cooked with pesto and breadcrumbs (mixed and spread on top of salmon), homemade sweet potato slices roasted with a small amount of oil

Served with a side salad - be creative - choose a recipe you have never tried before!

Herbal tea and small fruit salad (equivalent to 2 pieces of fruit)

Yo!Fit class 9:30am or customise your own class on our YouTube channel Yo!Fit Ireland


3 minute focusing on breath or body relaxation scan